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Gary Grigsby's War In The West: Operation Torch Torrent Download [pack]




From the French and the American armies to the units of African troops, the Allies had every chance to break through the German lines and conquer the entire continent. Unfortunately, the Germans had brought in reinforcements that would halt the momentum of the Allies. There are new maps and special conditions, as well as brand new troops and weapons. Gameplay is accessible to all who enjoy the challenging and engaging BattleLore engine. The scope of the operations, the scale of the battles, the number of troops, and the detailed historical information set this game apart from any previous version. Major Features New Maps 3 new operational maps bring the game’s real-life scale to life in a theater that is a perfect fit for the BattleLore engine. Special Conditions A variety of special conditions allow players to control the conditions of battle in new and exciting ways. New Troops An introduction to three new units (the Royal Navy and African troops of the British Empire, and the US Army) plus several familiar units for the French and American forces. New Weapons Many of the weapons that were used in the first two operational levels have been overhauled and upgraded. Game Features Multiple AI opponents Play with one or more of the AI's, which offer both diversity and replay value. Three Modes You can play the game in three modes. Standard mode runs the scenario from start to finish. This is the easiest mode, allowing the player to build their army and plan their strategy before they enter battle. The second mode, Coop mode, allows the player to share scenarios with their opponents. The last mode is a random challenge mode that puts the player in a random scenario and allows them to try and win. Game Statistics Three different statistics are available. There is a battle report that shows the history of the game. Every game that is played is recorded and listed on the report. The casualties are recorded for every game and the game's end statistics are listed on the report. The best scores in both modes are ranked and listed. A special report showing each player's best record is also given. Special Maps There are three new maps available for play, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge and Normandy. All three were featured in the game that was released in 1992. Single Player This game allows the player to choose the difficulty level. Playing in an easier setting allows the player to learn the game and try to



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Gary Grigsby's War In The West: Operation Torch Torrent Download [pack]

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