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How Do You Stuff Your Stocking?

A coworker of mines posed this question to me the other day. She has young daughters but does not usually have stockings for them or stuffers for that matter. I always thought that everyone hung stocking with their tree. I realized at that moment that I absolutely loved stuffing my kids and my husbands’ stockings! It may be the most fun part of Christmas for me!

I grew up on the west side of Detroit Michigan and was fortunate enough to have a fireplace. My Mom was the best! She stuffed my stockings with everything! I had fruit, nuts, toys, hair accessories…. you name it my mom would put it in my stocking.

I think of the stocking like a bonus gift on Christmas day. After you are done unwrapping all your gifts under the tree then you have that “Oh yeah, my stocking” moment. Nowadays during the Christmas season, I treat every day and every moment as a good time to look for stocking stuffers. I love the giant candies and the candy cane shaped plastics filled with candy to top them off. I like to put lots of thought into my stocking stuffers as well. I would never put something in there that I know they don’t like. Some of my favorite things to stuff the stockings with are:

· Novelty Socks (with their favorite food, drink, or animal on them)

· Small sizes of favorite health and beauty items

· Personalized mini snow globes

· Make up

· Favorite Candy

· Gift Cards to favorite stores

· Hair accessories

· Note pads w meaningful quotes on the cover

· Pencils/Pens

· Key chains

My Fave Places to Buy Stocking Stuffers:

· Cracker Barrel

· Macys

· Dollar Tree

· Amazon

· Meijer

· Walmart

· Target

· Kohl’s


· Walgreens

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers or traditions?

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Unknown member
Dec 07, 2018

I love it! Thanks for posting! Beaux is too cute!


Love this site!.....when my kids were little, they were allowed to "open" the stockings on Christmas eve, sort of as a precursor to the big day. Toothbrushes, matchbox cars, hair things, cassette tapes (hmmm I may be a "little older", but any thing to "stuff" the stocking. Now I give my dog, Beaux and my husband stockings....

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