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Plus Size? No Problem!

I have been plus sized ever since I can remember. There were only a few stores when I was exiting high school that a girl could shop if she was past a 14-16 regular. If you wore a 14w and up your selections were limited!

Today the market is not so limited. The department stores all have plus sized sections and boutiques are popping up everywhere! I am a diligent online shopper, so I love to look through the world wide web and get my fashion on. People ask me all the time “Where do you shop?” I’m like “Where don’t I shop?” The possibilities are endless depending on your style and what you are looking for. Do you like to physically go into a store and try on things or are you an online diva like myself?

Here are some of my favorite shops:

· Curvaceous Boutique

· PinkButterfli Boutique

· Step Into The Trend Boutique

I could go on and on but those are a few to get you started!

If you are ever looking for something and don’t know where to find it, google search and type the word plus size in front whatever the item is you’re looking for.

Happy Shopping!

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